Q&A with Deeannah Seymour - Founder of pH-D Feminine Health

Q&A Conversation: November 2019

  1. What do you wish you knew before you started up? What has been the most challenging aspect of building a business?   I actually am grateful that I went into this somewhat naïve but I would say I wish I had known how to silence my inner-critic.  In the beginning stages of my business, even though I was extremely optimistic,  I was often bombarded with negative thoughts of self-doubt.  I have since learned how to control that inner-critic and develop much more self-confidence.  The most challenging aspect of building a business is navigating growth. Growth is wonderful but it is challenging to find the resources necessary to fuel it while also juggling everything else to keep your business afloat.
  2. How have your years of professional experience been an asset as you've launched your company? How has your age helped you navigate the start-up process?  My years of professional experience have proven to be invaluable in launching my company. I wouldn’t trade my age or experience for anything. There is always something I can draw upon from my former positions that have strengthened my entrepreneurial journey. Had I not had those years of experience, I have no doubt that I would not be as successful as I am today.  My age has been a huge benefit in navigating the start-up process. With age comes knowledge, perspective, confidence, experience and most importantly, wisdom.  I have learned to listen to how I am begin guided and as long as I operate from a sense of peace, I know I am always on the right path. Age has also helped me have perspective.  Having experienced tremendous highs and lows in my lifetime both personally and professionally, I now have a strong sense of balance. Regardless of the challenges that come my way, I know that I have generally survived worse things and those challenges do nothing but make me stronger and wiser.
  3. Have you ever encountered age-related judgment or discrimination on your entrepreneurial journey? Do you feel that we judge older women at work in general? Thankfully,  have never encountered age-related judgment or discrimination on my entrepreneurial journey. I have always been treated with respect.  In my experience, I feel like older women in the work force are considered trailblazers and are the ones that the younger generations look up to for guidance. This is particularly the case with women in leadership positions.  I have always admired women who have been able to balance raising families while rising to positions of leadership because I know the challenges that we face in trying to do it all.
  4. What kept you inspired, motivated and energized as you managed the early days of your business? How do you balance work, family and personal life? Improving the lives of women has always been my motivation. It has been my mission since day one in starting pH-D Feminine Health.  I am hugely inspired and energized in developing products that have dramatically changed millions of womens lives!  I love getting calls from customers who have suffered for years with debilitating vaginal balance issues who have a new lease on life because of our products.  I also am so inspired by the healthcare professionals who say our products have changed the way they practice medicine by offering a natural alternative to women’s health issues.  Self-care is very important to me.  I take time to nurture my body, mind and spirit so that I can be the best version of myself for my family, friends and my employees.  I make sure that I have a great team so that I can make time for what fuels my soul…my family and friends provide fuel for my soul so it is important that I make them a priority.
  5. Any other tips for would-be female entrepreneurs in their 40s and 50s?  Know that it is never too late to become an entrepreneur.  I was in my early 40s when I developed pH-D and decided to leave the security of my corporate job.  I knew that the worst thing that could happen was I might fail…and then what?  I might have to go find another job?  I knew that I had a great work ethic and I had enough experience that everything would be OK even if I didn’t succeed in my entrepreneurial journey.  Some of the benefits of age are wisdom, experience and self-confidence… it’s important for female entrepreneurs to draw upon these qualities in their journeys.