Video: Dr. Arumala Recommends pH-D

In recent years, women’s health has mirrored other movements to improve the lives of women in the United States and worldwide. From granting access to minimal risk, effective medications over the counter to managing menopause as part of the life cycle rather than a disease, a new era in women’s health has been ushered in.

pH-D Feminine Health is at the cutting edge of this crucial movement. From the inception of the company in 2014, Deeanah Seymor, founder and CEO has been committed to improving the lives of women. Rather than pursuing the traditional pharmaceutical route, pH-D has insisted on developing effective natural alternatives to medical conditions that affect women.

As a gynecologist, I am impressed with pH-D Feminine Health’s approach to providing solutions to common conditions my patients face. Vaginal odor is one of the most common reasons why patients seek treatment in my field. Many times, treatment with antibiotics alone tends to lead to incomplete treatment or recurrent infections. Along with many other gynecologists, my approach is to couple the management of new and recurrent vaginal odor with boric acid suppositories.

-D Boric Acid Suppositories are the only brand I recommend to my patients. This product is effective because it features a medical-grade product at the dosage I recommend to patients. It is easy to obtain and use. The results are outstanding. Patients are amazed that after using the pH-D Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories, they do not have to call my office with recurring symptoms of vaginal odor. In addition, they bypass the not so pleasant tasting antibiotics and can enjoy a glass of wine while effectively treating vaginal odor.

In addition to boric acid suppositories, pH-D Feminine Health has developed a menopause support supplement. These capsules are designed to support women through an important transition by reducing common symptoms of menopause. In line with the pH-D philosophy, this product is made of natural ingredients excluding ingredients such as yeast, lactose, preservatives, wheat, nuts, eggs, shellfish, sugar, and artificial colors and flavorings. This supplement enables a large number of women to enjoy the benefits without the hassle of allergens.

It is my pleasure to recommend pH-D Feminine Health products to my patients as their philosophies align with mine. They intend to provide easily accessible, affordable, effective supplements to women to address their specific needs. I am a firm believer that every woman should have these products in their medicine cabinet!

“I am hugely inspired and energized in developing products that have dramatically changed millions of women’s lives!”

- pH-D Founder Deeannah Seymour