#1 Best-Selling Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories

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Product Description

Natural Ingredients

First to Market an Over the Counter Boric Acid Product

Can Be Used to Prevent Vaginal Odor from Occurring

Easy Insert Suppository that measures less than one inch

Contains the recommended level (600mg) of Boric Acid

Products Manufactured in our own FDA Registered Facility

#1 Best Seller On Amazon with over 3,500 5 Star Reviews

Female Owned and Operated Corporation

Made with a gelatin capsule, the only type of capsule that has been clinically studied and is recommended by doctors

Not made with a vegetable capsules which breaks down into sugar. Putting sugar into the vagina is not recommended and can lead to other feminine issues.

Company has its own scientific advisory board


Prevent Feminine Odor

Restore natural vaginal balance and get on with your life

  • Doctor-recommended and #1 best seller
  • Over-the-counter means no embarrassment, no high cost
  • Fast-working, convenient, natural

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“This product saved my vagina”

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