Honestly, I'm speechless at this product.

Like many other reviewers I’ve tried everything for chronic odor. Nothing seemed to work long term and I was tired of using the same products that never seemed to work fully and with really disappointing results. One week of this product and I noticed a complete difference in smell and feeling. I only use them once a week now and I will definitely stock up. I don’t want to ever be without this product.

This product saved my vagina.

Miracles happen.

Wish I would have discovered these sooner!

Thank goodness!

Finally something that works! It worked right away, after the first use.

Amazing, Amazing!!

Take control of your vaginal issues. No need for time consuming doctor’s appointments anymore.

Works, works, works!!!

No other products needed. These do the job.

Worked wonders for me . . .

after years of chronic issues. Odor and discharge went away after first use.

This stuff is a lifesaver . . .

for chronic vaginal odor. Please try it if you haven’t already!!!!

I have to say I am really impressed with this product.

Wish I could have known about this sooner instead of spending up to almost $70 for other products that did not even work. This is just so helpful if you suffer from vaginal issues. Would definitely recommend this product.

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