The pH-D Story

pH-D® Feminine Health Support was developed in 2014 after its founder, Deeannah Seymour, wanted a natural alternative for the very dreadful condition of vaginal issues.  Traditional offerings for these issues are not an ideal option, recurrence is frequent, and they can give rise to additional issues and have unwanted side-effects.

After having spent 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, she wanted a solution backed by research.  She found hundreds of clinically credible studies done on the use of boric acid vaginal suppositories to help with vaginal odor and unbalanced vaginal pH and she tried it with great success, but this ingredient was not commercially available. She knew she wanted to make this remarkable solution available to the millions of women like herself who had suffered for years with no relief. So, she partnered with a highly respected healthcare company, Vireo Systems, and began producing boric acid suppositories in an FDA registered facility with pharmaceutical grade boric acid – pH-D® Feminine Health Support was born!  And now, pH-D® has successfully helped hundreds of thousands of women while becoming the #1 Best Seller for vaginal odor on Amazon.

Deeannah is so confident about her product that she and Vireo offer a money-back guarantee on pH-D®.  If at any time you are not satisfied, simply return your product for a full refund. Vireo and Deeannah want their customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase.

Deeannah Seymour, CEO and Founder, pH-D Feminine Health

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