Educating Your Teen on Vaginal Health & Hygiene

Promoting positive vaginal health is vital to overall health. Teaching feminine care to teenagers is a conversation that should include proper feminine hygiene, how to tell if something is wrong, and natural remedies to restore vaginal balance. This conversation does not have to be awkward or uncomfortable and can be very educational when you cover all of these different tips to maintain beneficial vaginal health. The discussion of vaginal health is often stigmatized and speaking with your teen freely will create a great foundation of open communication. 

What is Positive Vaginal Health?

Maintaining overall vaginal health is not a difficult task to do, but for many teenage girls, there is miscommunication and understanding. As teenage girls develop into young women, their vaginas are starting to change with the rest of their bodies. They will start to notice things like odors or discharge and could misinterpret that as a need for additional cleaning.

Personal Hygiene For A Teenage Girl

The biggest concern that most teenage girls have with their vagina is related to odors and discharge. Knowing how to understand these natural odors and maintain positive vaginal health is critical for teenagers. Most odors in the vagina are minor and can be affected by exercise, menstruation or intercourse.

First and foremost, the vagina is self-cleaning. Internally, the female body will remove any unwanted bacteria in the form of discharge. The result of this cleaning will be a clear discharge. When it comes to cleanliness, you should teach your teen that only warm water is required as soap products can throw off the normal vaginal balance. Anything with perfumes and alcohol in the ingredients can cause discomfort. Although the vagina is self-cleaning, it is important to wash the outer parts when you bathe to remove excess sweat from the area like you would any other part of your body. Maintaining the area around the vagina is essential personal hygiene for teenage girls. During menstruation, it is critical that teenage girls remove any pads or tampons they are using in the recommended time frame, while keeping the area dry.

How To Tell If Something Is Wrong 

While the vagina is not odorless and every woman has their own individual scent, sometimes the odor can shift and become unpleasant. Initially, it is necessary to determine what is causing the odor. If the teenager is not properly cleaning the area during menstruation or exercise, then a layer of unwanted bacteria could be building and throwing off the normal, beneficial acidic environment  of the vagina.

Another sign that something may not be right is heavy discharge from the vagina that is thicker than usual and in larger amounts. This could signal an overgrowth of bacteria, which could lead to infections. The color of the discharge can also be an indication of something being off internally. Help your teen consult a healthcare provider if they are concerned. You should remind your teen that this is common and happens to most women at some point.   Help her to understand that discharge and scent should be seen as key indicators of vaginal health. 

How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor 

If your teen is experiencing insecurities or a change in vaginal odor, holistic solutions for vaginal odor are available, like using a Holistic Feminine Deodorant Spray. This will neutralize vaginal odor instead of covering it up like other feminine products. 

Additionally, you should eliminate the use of tight clothing around your vagina. Spandex and lace will retain heat in this already wet area. White cotton underwear with no dye is your best option for underwear. Exercise and proper weight maintenance is also a good way to maintain the health of your vagina. If your overall body weight is healthy, then added pressure onto the vagina from the pelvic wall will be eliminated, allowing the vagina to properly function and clean itself as needed.

Feminine Hygiene Takeaways

  • Strong perfumes and scented soaps can damage your vagina's health instead of helping it.
  • All vaginas will have a minor and individual scent.
  • There are holistic alternatives for vaginal care.
  • Teaching your teen about vaginal care removes stigmatization and embarrassment. 

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