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How Gut Health Affects Vaginal Health

We all want to do everything we can to stay healthy, comfortable and confident. In response to that, it can feel overwhelming to read about all the new ingredient trends and the parts of your body you’ve never worried about but now should focus intensely on. One you’ve likely heard lots about in the last few years - and is actually worth looking into and supporting - is your gut health.

We all know the struggle of a gut that’s out of balance, and want to keep things running smoothly. But did you know that your gut health has a direct impact on your vaginal health too?

“It’s difficult to comprehend, but these gut microorganisms essentially function as an additional organ in your body, and may weigh as much as two to five pounds altogether,” our advisor, Dr. Betsy Greenleaf told us. “There are ways we believe our diets, and the resulting impacts on our gut microbiomes, could be affecting the pH balance and health of our vaginas.”


With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s important to note that sugar intake plays an important role in not only digestive, but vaginal health as well. Dr. Greenleaf says diets high in sugar and refined flour stimulate the production and growth of vaginal yeast, which can eventually cause a chronic yeast issue. Beyond that, certain dairy products contain something called xenoestrogens, artificial hormones that imitate estrogens. These hormones can block natural estrogen from the vagina, which can prevent the mucosal lining from forming – leaving you open to infection. For some, dairy can also have an effect on vaginal odor, with high-dairy intake correlating to a stronger vaginal scent.

“We know that making simple changes to diet, utilizing natural products to restabilize the biome when needed, and practicing simple daily hygiene will help to keep the vaginal pH acidic, healthy bacteria like lactobacillus in place, and everything functioning the way it should be,” Dr. Greenleaf said. 

At pH-D, we believe in maintaining your health from the inside out. That’s why we’ve created our first Women’s Health Probiotic aimed at supporting your digestive, urinary, and vaginal health. With a unique probiotic blend and cranberry fruit extract with acidic properties to promote optimal vaginal health, women's probiotics are recommended, taking one capsule per day (with or without food) to be at the top of your feminine health game. These capsules make it easy to support your gut health daily, and in turn keep your vaginal health in check!

Our Women’s Health Probiotic as well as our boric acid suppositories and vaginal moisturizing suppositories are available on our website and on Amazon!