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Adrienn Myers-Woods, WHNP, APN, Advisor


Adrienn Myers-Woods, WHNP, APN is a board certified Women's Health Nurse Practitioner.

She completed her undergraduate degree in Nursing at Truman State University and was commissioned into the Army Reserves through the ROTC program. Adrienn grew up in a very rural area with only one clinic for the entire county. She had decided healthcare was her dream, and after seeing the lack of focus on women's health in the military and civilian life, she knew where her focus must be. She received her Master of Science in Nursing with a specialty in Women's Health from Vanderbilt University. 

Adrienn has 7 years of experience as a nurse practitioner in various fields ranging from fertility/IVF, family planning, and routine gynecologic care. Her goal is to provide high quality care, but also high quality education to each and every patient. 

After years of saying the same thing to many patients every day, she decided social media might be an easier way to get the word out about basic sexual health. So, she started a website and social media presence under No Awkward Question, because in our line of work there is really no such thing as an awkward question. Adrienn is married with two kids and a dog. Her coffee intake is stuff of legend, and her love of running is persistent (even when it's just running with a stroller and a toddler yelling "Hustle Mommy!). 

You can find her on Instagram @noawkwardquestion, TikTok @noawkwardquestion, Facebook @noawkwardquestion, and YouTube @NoAwkwardQuestion.

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