Q: When should I use the pH-D Boric Acid Body Fresh Spray?
A: Use it anytime you want to feel fresh and confident.

Q: How does the pH-D Boric Acid Body Fresh Spray neutralize vaginal odor?
A: Our spray is made with Amezol®, a remarkable compound made up of natural peptide and amino acid derivatives that uniquely and safely neutralizes odor. Our spray also contains boric acid (the ingredient in our #1 Best Selling pH-D Boric Acid Suppositories) to help neutralize feminine odor.

Q: Where do I spray pH-D Boric Acid Body Fresh Spray?
A: Spray the product 8-12 inches from skin anywhere on the body except the eyes and mouth.

Q: How does this spray differ from other feminine sprays on the market?
A: Rather than masking odor, pH-D Boric Acid body fresh spray neutralizes it due to the unique combination of Amezol and Boric Acid.

Q: Where is pH-D Boric Acid Body Fresh Spray made?
A: All pH-D Feminine Health products are proudly made in the U.S.A. Our products are manufactured in-house at our own FDA-registered facilities, located in Nebraska and Tennessee, ensuring the highest quality standards.