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In our seven years of operation, pH-D Feminine Health has continuously sought out ways to improve the lives of women and uplift the communities around us. One of the many ways we do this is through our partnerships with foundations such as the Hope Clinic for Women, Step Up Women’s Foundation, Faithfully Restored, and the Ukranian Women Refugee Fund. Keep reading to find out more about these wonderful organizations.

Hope Clinic for Women

The Hope Clinic works to provide care for women who are facing difficult choices by combining practical care with a non-judgemental approach. Hope Clinic for Women serves as a confidential place for women, men, and families dealing with access to women’s healthcare, relationship education, unplanned pregnancies, and pregnancy loss.

The Hope Clinic for Women provides medical care, professional counseling, education classes, case management, mentorship, and practical support regardless of age, race, religion, or ability to pay. pH-D Feminine Health is proud to partner with an organization that gives women and families a safe space to receive the care they need.

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Step Up Women’s Foundation

Step Up believes that all girls should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. The Foundation works with girls and gender-expansive teens who may be facing systemic barriers to unlock their potential by empowering them to become confident, career-focused, and ready to join the next generation of leaders.

Through virtual and in-person mentorship programs, Step Up provides programs focused on social-emotional learning, community, connection, and opportunities for career practice for girls, young women, and gender-expansive adults ages 14-23.

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Faithfully Restored

Faithfully Restored is a national nonprofit organization that was founded to raise awareness of organ donation and provide hope to women in need. Examples of the women they assist are those who have lost children or spouses, military wives, single moms, women going through cancer treatments, or any woman who needs a helping hand.

Faithfully Restored offers support through financial grants for counseling, adoptions, living expenses, etc. They also provide care packages for women in need and support women through prayer requests and community building. The foundation believes that everyone should feel a sense of support and community when dealing with their own hardships.

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Ukrainian Women Refugee Fund

This foundation works to support entrepreneurial women who were forced to flee their homes due to the war in Ukraine, resulting in the complete loss of their businesses and finding themselves with little to no money. The organization was started by three sisters currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

As a result of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, the middle sister, an entrepreneur herself, had to flee her country and seek a safe place for herself, her mother, grandmother, and her five-year-old son. This forced her to not only leave her bakery business – one that she’s been working on since she was 19 – but also her husband, who is currently volunteering alongside their father, helping to safeguard other women and children still stuck in danger zones.

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pH-D Feminine Health seeks to improve the lives of women and families – not just with our products, but also with our partnerships and community outreach. Our motivation is to leave a mark on the world by raising awareness for these foundations – will yours be next?

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