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Can Stress Throw Off Your pH Balance?

We are here to help answer a common burning question most women have probably thought about a time or two. Is vaginal odor normal? While the answer is yes, there are still causes for unusual or abnormal vaginal odor and it’s important to know the signs. Although many women believe their vaginal health is affected by the food they eat, their personal care habits, or types of products they use, many are unaware that mental health can affect the body overall, as well as the vagina. In particular, mental health issues, such as anxiety and stress, can cause a variety of physical changes that affect every facet of the body, including feminine health. The following is a closer look at stress and its impact on the body.

Can Stress Impact Vaginal Wellness?

So, can stress throw off your pH balance? Although stress is known for causing physical reactions such as headaches, back pain, and hair loss, many women are unaware of the fact that stress may impact vaginal wellness and affect vaginal pH level as well.  Nevertheless, every woman is different, and it is up to each woman to observe the changes in their own body when they are experiencing stress or other related emotions.

The question then remains: how exactly can stress throw off your pH balance and cause an unbalanced vaginal pH scale? (1) For one, the stress hormone may throw off your healthy vaginal pH balance by leading to increased vaginal discharge. Stress levels can also lead to vaginal infections such as a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis, and can also lead to vaginal irritation caused by an irregular balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria. Next, we will discuss the signs and symptoms caused by stress and anxiety. 

Genitally Focused Anxiety Symptoms

Additionally, anxiety can cause vaginal symptoms, including:

  • Vaginal Dryness: One of the top symptoms that can be caused by excessive anxiety is vaginal dryness. Stress on the body can negatively affect blood flow to the vaginal area. Without the proper blood flow to the area, it can lead to vaginal dryness. The ability of a woman to become aroused relies heavily on their ability to become relaxed and pleased in general. However, when a woman is experiencing excessive anxiety levels, her body will essentially become too stressed to function in a usual manner sexually.
  • Vaginitis: Another vaginal symptom that can be caused by anxiety is vaginitis. Vaginitis is a vaginal symptom that is caused by an imbalance in vaginal bacteria. Stress and anxiety can disrupt the balance of bacteria within the body overall and cause vaginal pH imbalance.
  • STD Symptoms: Another often overlooked symptom of anxiety and stress is the triggering of STD symptoms. In particular, if a woman has a pre-existing STD, the symptoms can be triggered by stress. For instance, sexually transmitted infection could result in outbreaks of sores in the mouth or groin area and potentially vaginal discharge.


Help for Stress-Related Vaginal Symptoms

If a woman is suffering from excessive stress and anxiety that causes vaginal symptoms such as dryness or discharge, here is what can be done to address these issues:

  • Manage Stress: One of the top things to relieve vaginal symptoms is managing stress. Whether a woman chooses to meditate, take medication, do yoga, or any other method, the best thing that can be done to reduce vaginal symptoms is to reduce stress levels overall.
  • Physician Support: Lastly, if a woman is under extreme stress or anxiety that is affecting her vaginal health, it is always best to consult with a physician. Consulting a professional is an excellent option for those who were not helped by managing stress or holistic remedies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stress can cause a variety of vaginal health issues, like excessive discharge or vaginal dryness.
  • Stress-related vaginal symptoms can be addressed by using stress management, holistic solutions, and consulting with an OB/GYN or another health practitioner.


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