Three words that describe me.

Grounded. Competitive. Fun!

One challenge I've overcome on my wellness journey.

Probably getting back into my body and feeling my feelings. I’ve been go go go in my life and career since high school which resulted in a lot of stress and burnout. Ignoring my body and my emotions along the way led to a lot of disconnect to myself as a feminine woman. What I have learned is that slowing down and listening to what my body is telling me has led to more happiness, more acceptance, and more confidence. Honoring the divine feminine and listening to my intuition instead of doubting it has helped me make better decisions for myself, my health, and the health of my relationships. I’m a work in progress but I know I’m worth it.

Tips or words of wisdom for other pH-D women to feel inspired and empowered.

Find yourself a great therapist. Not someone who just listens to you but also gives you tools and actionable steps to shut down the negative thoughts in your head. Take the time to learn how to love yourself again and your world will open up.

How I connect with pH-D? My favorite thing about the brand as a whole.

First, I love that the company is certified woman-owned and focused on taking care of our feminine needs. I hadn’t really thought about it before (me ignoring my body) but having a daily ritual in the shower is one step of self-care that aligns with my no-nonsense hygiene routine.