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Three words that describe me.

Very Silly, Creative, and Friendly

One challenge I've overcome on my wellness journey.

Just as one example of many, I think learning to overcome my issues with confidence. During high school, I vividly recall overhearing a disturbing conversation some boys shared about a girl's intimate encounter at a party, focusing on her unpleasant “fishy” odor. This marked the first time I felt self-conscious about my own scent, though I had never thought of it before. These moments of self-awareness, whether about my body image, my abilities, undesirable smells, or physical changes, fueled my self-absorbed shame. What truly empowered me in my own life were the moments women around me gave me the gift of candid vulnerability. They shared their struggles and imparted valuable lessons, from confidence-boosting products they use to daily practices for mindfulness and wellness. By shedding light on their own experiences, it helped me to normalize mine, and feel safe offering the same willingness to open up about uncomfortable or shameful topics to others.  

Tips or words of wisdom for other pH-D women to feel inspired and empowered.

  1. Progress, not perfection
  2. The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time 
  3. Force your heart and your brain to be friends.  Your brain makes sure the bills get paid, your heart sends you on vacation.  

How I connect with pH-D? My favorite thing about the brand as a whole.

My favorite thing about pH-D is that their products work. Period. All of the products make me feel more confident, always ready for wherever the day or night takes me, and that they are available online and in store everywhere so I know I can rely on them.