Tamika K. Cross, MD, FACOG

Tamika K. Cross, MD, FACOG, is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist based in the greater Houston, Texas area, but her journey did not begin there.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Cross started her education at the University of Michigan and moved on to Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee. She then moved to Houston to complete her medical training and decided to make it her home. Passionate about women’s health education and access to local care, Dr. Cross decided to open Serenity Women’s Health & Medspa in 2020 with her business partner to serve the community in which she resides. She has been in Pearland ever since!

Dr. Cross has received US Congressional recognition and multiple awards throughout her career. She was named one of the Top 60 Most Powerful People in Healthcare among several influential people including former President Barack Obama. She is also the author of ‘What a Doctor Looks Like’, a memoir about her journey as an aspiring physician and experiences with discouragement, discrimination and racism along the way.

Dr. Cross has a passion for providing healthcare to patients in underserved communities and has served on multiple multidisciplinary hospital committees aimed to address the alarming maternal morbidity rates in the country.

Patients of Dr. Cross describe her as relatable, warm, compassionate, approachable, and an advocate; she frequently cares for women across multiple generations in each family.

Above all, she’s passionate about helping women of all ages and backgrounds with their healthcare needs and goals.