What does pH-D Holistic Menstrual Support do?
It is a holistic option for menstrual and pelvic discomfort during your period. It supports the reduction of mood swings, irritability, low energy and cramps.

How often should I take the pH-D Holistic Menstrual Support product?
Take 2-4 capsules per dose. Repeat doses every 2-4 hours as needed.

I read that your product contains adaptogenic herbs. What is that?
Adaptogenic herbs, also referred to as “adaptogens,” are defined as agents that support the body's ability to accommodate varying physical and emotional stresses. These herbs are used to support one's energy and better handle stress.

Where is pH-D Holistic Menstrual Support made?
All pH-D Feminine Health products are proudly made in the U.S.A. Our products are manufactured in-house at our own registered facilities, located in Nebraska and Tennessee, ensuring the highest quality standards.