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Favorite Things Party Gift Ideas

A Favorite Things Party is a nice alternative to White Elephant gift exchange during the holidays.

What is a favorite things party?

It’s a gift exchange where guests bring a favorite item to exchange with the other invitees. Hosts typically establish a dollar limit with $25 being a popular amount. Some hosts invite guests to bring two or three of their favorite gifts so that party guests can go home with more than one gift. It’s a fun way to discover new products with real recommendations from your close friends.

Here are some fun gift ideas that we love!

Something Sweet: Olive & Sinclair Chocolate

Because it’s the holidays and a little sweet chocolate is a nice way to end the day! We love this local-to-us Nashville artisanal chocolate company

Intensive Lip Treatment: Eco Lips Lip Scrub + Lip Mask Duo

Tis the season for dry, cracked lips. This organic lip sugar scrub and nighttime intensive mask will restore your beautiful lips.

Nail Care: OPI Nail & Cuticle Oil

Dry winter weather and frequent handwashing to keep germs away will reak havoc on your nails. Give them some love with this oil from OPI.

Vaginal Care: Body Fresh Spray

All the extra holiday stress can throw off your vaginal odor.  Take this spray wherever you go and feel your most fresh and confident.

Hair Claw Clips: Vsiopy Strong Hold Hair Claw Clips

Have little time for hair care with all the holiday prep like shopping, cleaning, gift wrapping etc. Throw it up in stylish hair claw clips.

Makeup Brush Holder: Feryes Travel Brush Holder

Makeup spills getting on your brushes when you travel? Try this cool silicone travel holder.

Notebook: Moleskine Classic

Sometimes you have to just write things down! From your to-do list to brain dumping your thoughts and prayers. We like this classic style from Moleskin.

Clear Crossbody Bag: Vorspack Clear Purse

Ever forget stadium rules for clear purses? Check out this simple classic and have fun cheering on your favorite team with no delay at security.

Fleece Slippers: Zizor Memory Foam

Comfy cozy slippers for hanging around the house. We love these because of the indoor/outdoor function if you need to let the dog out.