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What Does Boric Acid Do for Vaginal Health

It’s no secret that there's a stigma associated with our vaginal health. Luckily, these stigmas are starting to fall away as more and more women speak up about their vaginal wellness and proactively seek information from experts on how to take care of their most intimate parts. But even as information becomes more accessible than ever before, there are still plenty of myths, rumors, and straight-up false pieces of advice floating around about how to care for our vaginas, the signs that something could be wrong, and what products do and don’t belong in this area. 

With this in mind, we wanted to take a moment to share some of the most common questions we have heard, specifically when it comes to the use of Boric Acid Suppositories. After all, pH-D Feminine Health Founder, Deeannah Seymour, launched our brand in 2014 with the creation of the very first over-the-counter, and now best-selling, boric acid suppositories. Unsatisfied with the lack of holistic feminine hygiene and wellness solutions to common vaginal issues and having spent two decades in the pharmaceutical industry, she wanted a holistic solution that wouldn’t give rise to unwanted side effects. It also had to be backed by research. She examined hundreds of clinical studies on the use of boric acid vaginal suppositories to help with feminine issues and vaginal care and wellness. She tried it with great success, but this ingredient was not commercially available. 

Deeannah knew she wanted to make this solution available to millions of women just like herself who had struggled for years without a trustworthy holistic solution. Partnering with a holistic healthcare company, Vireo Systems, she began producing boric acid suppositories in their own FDA-registered facility with pharmaceutical-grade boric acid. pH-D Feminine Health was born! Today, the brand’s boric acid suppositories are so popular that one bottle sells every 20 seconds and they can be found on the shelves of top national retailers at more than 50,000 locations in the USA and Canada.

So what is boric acid exactly and what do boric acid suppositories do? As the first brand to make over-the-counter suppositories available to women across the USA and Internationally, we know a little bit about this topic! Below we’ve included some handy information from our own teams’ expertise and interviews with our amazing team of OB/GYN Advisors, Dr. Greenleaf, Dr. Montes and Dr. Cross

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What is Boric Acid?

For those who are unfamiliar, boric acid is a natural compound that is found in seawater. It is a compound that has been used for over 100 years by physicians for neutralizing odor. In its purest form, boric acid is a white powder that is both colorless and odorless. Boric acid is a common and safe ingredient. It is used in a variety of cosmetic products as well as vaginal care products to help control vaginal odor.

Although boric acid can be harmful if swallowed, it can be safely used by many women as a holistic solution for vaginal odor. If you are pregnant, trying to conceive, or breastfeeding, you should not use boric acid. Keep in mind that you should never use boric acid or other similar suppositories if you have sores, open wounds, or if you have a sensitivity or allergy. You can also learn about potential boric acid side effects to be aware of.

Benefits of Boric Acid

If you are wondering, “what does boric acid help with,” put simply, boric acid is a holistic solution for vaginal odor. It works gently and effectively to neutralize vaginal odor rather than masking it with harmful fragrances. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, and good care can help to avoid vaginal odor. 

So what causes vaginal odor? Vaginal odor can be caused by many things, some of the most common including working out and staying in sweaty clothes, wearing tight pants that aren’t breathable, sitting in a wet swimsuit for extended periods of time, stress and anxiety, and diet. It’s important for women to understand that the body will have its own natural scent, but “offensive” odors are usually due to hormonal changes in the body. Odors that smell fishy can sometimes indicate that something is off. 

If you have any symptoms that last longer than a week, severe pain or bleeding that isn’t getting better, or any symptoms associated with a fever, you should check in with your healthcare provider right away. 

Certain methods, such as using heavily scented soap mask odors instead of neutralizing them, may make the odor worse. Boric acid suppositories contain one simple ingredient: boric acid, which is proven to neutralize odors instead of just mask them. Different feminine products containing boric acid have different uses, but all involve assisting in controlling vaginal odor.

pH-D Feminine Health was the first brand to make Boric Acid Suppositories available to women in 2014, and we’ve continued to grow our product offerings to make sure there’s a boric acid offering that fits into every woman’s lifestyle! For example, Boric Acid Moisturizing Suppositories include Vitamin E and coconut oil for the added benefit of moisture and aid in feeling comfortable. They are most commonly used by women going through hormonal changes such as menopause. Also, Holistic Body Wipes are great for everyday, on-the-go use to freshen up and gently cleanse the exterior part of the vaginal area (the vulva). 

What Products Contain Boric Acid

You’ve likely heard by now that regular soaps and body washes shouldn’t be coming in contact with your vulva. Attempts to clean or freshen up this way could backfire. These products contain chemicals or fragrances that can be harsh on the delicate tissue of your vagina or strip away natural oils. This can lead to itching or burning for some women, and it can be hard to know what products can support your feminine health and control odor without causing more harm than good. 

Luckily, you just need to look for products with holistic, vagina-safe ingredients that include boric acid. This goes for everything from a boric acid suppository to a wipe, spray, and wash. pH-D has each of these solutions in our family of products, and each contains enough boric acid to support your vaginal health without stripping your body of its moisture and supporting overall vaginal wellness. There’s a boric acid product for everyone, whether you prefer to insert a suppository at night or use an on-the-go wipe throughout the day.

Where to Find Boric Acid Suppositories

Because boric acid is a naturally occurring compound found in seawater, products containing boric acid are available over-the-counter in many drugstores, mass retailers, and online. These products are usually in the feminine care of your favorite grocery store or pharmacy, and you can always order them online to get exactly what you need, when you need it. 

A major issue in women’s health that hasn’t seen much change is access to care for women who are low-income, rural, or come from minority communities. Seeing a specialist every time you notice a change in your vaginal odor can be incredibly expensive, especially if women don’t have access to good health insurance. Even women who do have access may not have a gynecologist within a 50-mile radius of where they live, making it difficult to schedule a prompt visit. 

Odor is one of the most common feminine care concerns women bring to their healthcare providers, and pH-D’s goal is to normalize the conversation about vaginal odor because many women feel shame about it. Now, easy and convenient solutions can be offered and picked up at their local retailers without a prescription. pH-D Feminine Health’s Boric Acid Suppositories are a holistic, accessible, affordable, doctor-recommended solution for vaginal odor that are available at mass retailers nationwide and in Canada. 

How to Use Boric Acid Suppositories

Vaginal odor can sometimes be caused by the activities we do on a daily basis like sweating, wearing a wet swimsuit for extended periods of time, wearing tight clothing that isn’t breathable, or using scented laundry products on underwear. If you notice an unusual odor or have experienced odor from any of the above activities, then inserting a boric acid vaginal suppository could be your answer for controlling odor. If you want to know how to insert boric acid suppositories you can insert a vaginal suppository with or without an applicator.  

With an applicator: 

  • To insert a pH-D Boric Acid Suppository using an applicator, remove the wrapping from the provided applicator.
  • Take one suppository and insert it into the open end of the applicator.
  • Stand with your feet spread apart or lie on your back with your knees bent and hold the applicator by the opposite end from where the suppository is.
  • Gently insert the applicator into the vagina as far as it will comfortably go. Push on the plunger to insert the suppository and remove the applicator. 
  • To clean the reusable applicators, you can put them in the dishwasher, wash with soap and warm water, or boil in water for a few minutes. pH-D applicators can be separated into two pieces for cleaning. Once the applicator is clean and dry, it can be reassembled for the next use.

Boric acid vaginal suppository

Without an applicator:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly to ensure they are clean.
  • Take one suppository and insert it into the vagina like you would a tampon. You can insert the suppository standing up with your feet spread apart or by lying on your back with your knees bent.  Using your fingers, insert the suppository into the vagina and push it up until you can’t feel it anymore.

Who can benefit from Boric Acid

In short, almost all people with vaginas can benefit from the occasional or regular use of vaginal boric acid. Unfortunately, many women have felt some level of self-consciousness around odor. pH-D’s Boric Acid Suppositories and Boric Acid Foam Wash are excellent and holistic considerations for resolving vaginal odor and maintaining vaginal wellness. Boric acid products can also benefit vaginal health for people approaching or experiencing menopause. During this life transition, the vaginal tissue changes and may become more sensitive with dryness. Our Moisturizing Boric Acid Suppositories and Vaginal Moisturizing Gel can be effective holistic solutions for vaginal health and moisturization during this time. We also carry a sensitive feminine wash to clean your sensitive intimate areas.

There are a few exceptions when it comes to safely using vaginal boric acid–most importantly for women who are pregnant, trying to conceive, or lactating. If you are pregnant or nursing or become pregnant while using boric acid suppositories, discontinue use immediately. Boric acid may also have potential interactions with hormonal vaginal rings that have not been studied, so we recommend consulting your healthcare provider for medical advice or the manufacturer of your hormonal vaginal ring before using boric acid. 

So can you use boric acid on your period? A boric acid suppository is safe to use while on your period, but you can wait until your period ends to use it if you aren’t comfortable with inserting it while menstruating. Additionally, our Boric Acid Instant Vaginal Odor Rinse can be used as an instant odor cleanser after your period is over, or before & after sex.

How Long Should You Wait to Have Intercourse?

Boric Acid can potentially break down a condom and impact its effectiveness, so it’s recommended to wait for a Boric Acid Suppository to dissolve completely before having sex. This usually takes between 4-12 hours, but each person is unique, so times may vary.

Do you have other pressing questions about boric acid suppositories or have you been searching for other products with moisturizing benefits? Contact us to learn more about vaginal suppositories for dryness today. We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at